All interior artworks in Paper & I are reflections of the brand's core ideas - to explore the relationship between Paper and I. Paper as a medium which holds all of our creations, might it be the written word, music notes or sketches. "I" is expressed on "Paper", "Paper" in turn inspires "I", a symbiotic loop that nurtures modern thinkers.   


Our decorative elements are conceptualized from the abstract textures and forms of various strokes - pens, brushes, pencils and more.

#3 A melancholy beauty, Sinai Truong

Mingled with this happiness is a strange melancholy, borne of the knowledge that just as quickly as they arrived, they will disappear, leaving no more than a precious memory. Just like the passage of youth, their grace is all too fleeting. This curious feeling, hovering on the borderline of happiness and sadness, is called mono no aware.
- Andrea Hamilton


A thing of beauty is a thing of transcience and melancholy. Inspired by the philosophy of Mono No Aware, Sinai Truong abstracts flowers to shape, form and colour, capturing the simultaneous vibrancy and fragility of flowers in intense hues and overlapping silhouettes, giving dynamism to an otherwise traditional still life.